J. KEYER was founded to celebrate the individual.
Driven by the desire to embrace each person’s own uniqueness and individuality, We Bespoke.

During my stint as an expatriate in Indonesia, I witnessed the pride behind every stitch by local artisans. Their professionalism inspired me to want to do more for them, as they deserve fair wages and a safe platform to share their craftsmanship. Hence, I went in search of a team that shares the same values and beliefs. I’m thankful for this perfect union.
With a dedicated team of artisans at our atelier, we have full control of our creations, thus the privilege to be able to work directly with you; eliminating the need for any middleman. We embrace sustainable luxury where we create on demand, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for our discerning customers; always striving to reduce unnecessary wastage.

As a mother of four, I drew inspiration from my children in creating the brand J. KEYER. This is for them.
Any small business owner would understand the challenges in starting a business and the struggles in this entrepreneur journey. I’m truly appreciative for all the support I’ve had throughout the years.

Thank you for believing in us and allowing J. KEYER to carry you through your day at work, a day out, an occasion with your BFFs, or a night to remember.

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