J Keyer's Story

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My Story

J. Keyer was started during my stint as an expatriate in Indonesia. While there, I came across a team of artisans that took such pride in every stitch they made. Their level of diligence and quality impressed me and I knew I had to do them justice by sharing their work with a wider audience. I decided to name the brand after my four children with J Keyer organically becoming my fifth child. It has been an interesting journey that is not with challenges. I stick with it despite it all that as I think of how every bag purchased gives these artisans a better way of living. The leather tanneries we work with are carefully vetted and selected to ensure they maintain our values of fair wage and having a good working environment. The leather that we use come from sustainable sources and we have partnered with CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora to make sure of that. We make great bags at good value for every season in your life. Whatever the occasion, there will be one for you. If there isn’t, you know you have options with us.
Designs at J KEYER will carry you through your day at work, a day just out and about, a day for your BFFs and a night to remember!
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