• “Bespoke” with J.Keyer’s Custom Exotic Fashion Handbags

    “Bespoke” with J.Keyer’s Custom Exotic Fashion Handbags

    What is a better way of showing your unique style other than custom exotic fashion handbags? J.Keyer offers you the solution. J.Keyer is a team of ordinary beings with an extraordinary love for fashion. While we seek to step out of our house every day all-coordinated, sometimes this is just not the case! We just do not have bags in matching mood and hues...
  • Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Precious Exotic Handbags

    After purchasing your favourite exotic handbags from J. Keyer, it is most important to know how to take care of your precious little ‘babies’. Python, alligator, snake and crocodile skins are some of the most desirable but fragile bags. However, do not worry there are some easy tips to take care of your exotic handbags that are guaranteed to extend their longevity. Storing Exotic...
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