Do you love skin bags? Are you a collector of real leather skin bags? Or have you been eye-ing a skin bag product but afraid your hard-earned money would be wasted on a fake product? As a team of passionate artisans, J.Keyer exists to give you some helpful ways you can differentiate genuine skin bags from faux ones.
First, always check the label. Many genuine skin bags or brands include a label. This label indicates that the product given is genuine leather. If the label says, “man-made materials” or in other case no label is given, there is a big chance that the product is faux. Manufacturers and artisans of exotic skin bags are thrilled to show that their product is the real deal so the label should be easy to find. Thus, making sure you will not be wasting your money on faux products.
Second, take a whiff of the product. It might be embarrassing to do this in public. However, the smell of the product is a vital indicator to tell genuine skin bags. Synthetic leather cannot replace the distinct smell that genuine leather products have. It would be useful to practice with some products you know for sure are real to become familiar with the distinct smell.
Third, test the texture, examine and study the edges and its pores. Genuine skin bags can feel smooth or coarse depending on the quality and type. If the texture is way too smooth, it is very likely that the product is faux. This is because real leather is harder to regulate since its texture is less consistent and more natural. In addition, the edges indicate its originality. Faux leather bags tend to have a perfect smooth edge whereas genuine leather has a more natural and rough edge. The pores of a genuine skin bags is inconsistent too since it is natural. If you find the pores to be too perfect, it may be too good to be true. Manufactured fake leather has a consistent and repetitive pattern. Hence, looking into details of the product is important to tell whether a product of exotic skin bags is genuine.